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Harmonization of increasing energy consumption for global environmental safety is one of the most important issues for all human beings living in this century. Our laboratory is working on sorts of environmental problems, from daily lives to global affairs. Especially, we study on mechanisms of sources, transportations and sinks of pollutants and natural/artificial radioactive materials in the environment such as the atmosphere and the ground surface, and we develop methods of estimation and reduction of ionizing radiation doses to human.
The ionizing radiation and radioactive/stable isotopes are not only our subjects but also our powerful tools to analyze behaviors of environmental substances such as carbon dioxide (CO
2), which is concerned by its contribution to the global warming. Outdoor observations, laboratory experiments and numerical simulations are applied for these themes.


  • Behaviors of Environmental Substances and Radioactive Materials

  • Energy Environmental Problems

  • Radiation Protection and Health Physics

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UPDATE29 Mar. 2021